Exempt Well Mitigation Credits allow rural homeowners, businesses, and developers to meet new regulatory requirements for outdoor exempt well water use.

Permit-exempt wells are a common way for rural residential and small commercial water users to legally obtain water in Washington. In water-scarce basins, there are concerns that increased exempt well usage is resulting in injury to preexisting water rights holders. The Walla Walla Basin is one such basin.

The Washington Department of Ecology requires that consumptive water use by new exempt wells be mitigated for, if they are in the shallow aquifer on land zoned for 10-acre or smaller parcels. The Partnership purchases water rights, stores them in the Water Bank, and divides them into Exempt Well Mitigation Credits for sale to prospective water users.

Click here for Ecology's brochure on Exempt Well Mitigation requirements.

Please contact Partnership Staff for more information on purchasing Exempt Well Mitigation Credits.